Friday, August 30, 2013

Worry Wart

I am such a worry wart, I worry about everything. I worry every day.

I worry about my business:  I worry that people will stop coming in, that I won’t get things ordered, that I won’t get all the merchandise checked in, that they won’t like the items that I have selected. I worry that someone is going to rob me, that I will walk in and the leak in the roof opened up and the whole place will be flooded, that the Featured Artist’s Reception will be a bust, that the musician won’t show up, that the artist won’t show up, that someone is going to crash in a glass case and then I will get sued….

I worry about my car: I worry that the air conditioning will stop working (again) when it is 100 degrees outside, that I will get a flat and be stuck on the side of the road, I worry every time it rains because it leaks all around the windows, I worry about driving it the rain because the back end is so light, I am afraid I will lose control. I worry because it is 18 years old….

I worry about my house: I worry that a tree will fall on it, I worry that the pool will leak, that the pump will burn up, I worry that the water heater will flood, that a pipe will burst, I worry about it catching on fire like my grandparents’ house did. I worry of losing my “stuff”….

I worry about my dog: I worry that he will get bit by a copper-head, that he is going to fall into the pool and not know how to get out, that he will develop hip-dysplasia and won’t be able to climb all the flights of stairs, that he is over-weight, that he will  that he will develop cancer like our last dog….

I worry about family: I worry about their health, about being over- weight, about being under-weight, not eating properly, about having a family history of medical problems, about family values, about the children growing up “too quickly”, about their views on politics, religion, freedom. I worry about them being independent, but still needing education.  I worry about who will take care of who, who will be able to lean on who, and who will be there when someone really needs help…

Specifically, I worry about my husband:  I worry that he works too hard, that he needs to retire, that he needs to slow down. I worry that he doesn’t have enough time to enjoy the things that he wants to do, that he will forget what we have done, that there just isn’t enough time “left”, that he spends too much time worrying about me…

Specifically, I worry about my children: I worry that they are still children, but yet they are adults. I worry that they drink too much, party too much, stay up too late, drink and drive, text and drive, go through too many relationships, are not in a relationship, don’t eat healthy foods, don’t get the exercise they need. I worry about them driving around town or taking long trips. I worry about them getting jobs, not getting jobs, paying bills, saving for later, becoming independent.  I worry about my daughter finishing school, figuring out her path, her being happy with herself.   I worry about my son jumping out of airplanes, about him being deployed. I worry about them ever minute of the day.  I worry about their future…

BUT, I have to remember that “Yesterday was a dream and tomorrow is a fantasy, I only have today – this moment” to get through!

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