Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday Window

 This is a picture of my sister and I around 1971.  I am the one on the left if you haven't guessed.  I miss taking my children to see Santa (now they are 18 and 15).  Buying for Christmas gets harder and harder as they get older. Before my daughter wanted a Barbie and my son wanted a toy truck - now my son wants a real "Barbie" and my daughter wants a real truck!


  1. How Cute!

    Sounds like you better sell lots and lots of Art stuff this weekend...

  2. OH THIS IS SOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!

    come give me a visit :)

  3. What a nicely expressed post Kitty. Really very cute wording. And yes, you look very good in that picture :)

    Yes, about your question on my Peacocks [Mor, मोर] of Morachi Chincholi [मोराची चिंचोली] post, I've seen an all white peacock, in my childhood. But I feel sad that I saw it in a zoo :(

  4. That is so cute!

    I posted your gift on the santa swap linky