Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Copper Head Visitor

It always is a true learning experience around our place.  Nature always seems to be reminding us that we are the intruders.  Over the weekend, John was working outside installing the vent for the kiln when he came across a visitor.  It was a Copper Head. 

Luckily, both John and Clint are not afraid of snakes at all .  Clint actually wanted to keep him as a pet, but I would be the one that would end up taking care of it and I do not like anything that is posionious!  I respect them, and feel that have a right to be in their natural habitat, but I do not want them in my house or even up next to my house where I may step on them.

John was able to pick it up and put into a trash can.
I can't believe how red his tounge was. The snake seemed very scared and always looked like he was ready to strike, but I think he knew that it was a losing battle. 

Since I wouldn't let Clint keep it, they decided to take him back out into the woods and let him go.  I know most probably think that we should have killed it, but as I said - it has a right to be in it's natural habitat, we are the intruders.

Many people in North Carolina have never seen a Copper Head, but they are everywhere.  They are very good at blending in with the environment.  This snake was probably as long as he was going to get.  However, they do get fatter as they continue to grow.  Copper Heads are very slow movers.  Most people end up stepping on one, because the snake just didn't get out of the way in time and that is when they strike.  They are not aggressive, unless they are fighting for their life, unlike a Cotton Mouth which is very aggressive.  Be careful this time of the year.  Copper Heads are in their mating season now and around dusk is when they are out looking.

Of course, Clint is never satisfied with just finding one snake, so he went on a hunt for more.  He didn't see any, but he did uncover a nest of eggs under the ledge of our stone wall.  All had hatched, and John thought because of the shells they were from about two years ago.  We are not sure if they were copper heads or not.  I just am hoping that they were black snakes instead!


  1. Aww, ain't it cute! I want to give it a kiss!

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