Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow again?

This fall and winter has been a very wet one.  It seems to rain or snow every few days.  And I know that there have been so many posts about the snow that we all have been getting, but I have to add a few of my own (for my friends that aren't lucky (haha) enough to get any snow.)
This is the driveway to my studio.  As you can see we had to walk it for a few days. I do not like the cold, but at least the sun is shinning. 

My dog Biscuit hates to get her paws wet!  She will not go out in the rain, but for some reason she loves to run in the snow.   Why are paw prints so darn cute?

This a picture that I took along the driveway.  And yes, I did alter the color- they were a light tan.  Can you tell I am ready for Spring?


  1. At least now we won't have to use any 'OFF'!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I especially love the paw prints! I feel the same way! Paw prints are just so too cute!!!
    ~Julie =]