Friday, March 26, 2010

Gluten Free Bagels???

Today I was becoming overwelmed with packing and decided to take a break and try to make some bagels.  I am allergic to gluten, but I found a recipe from  for Gluten Free Bagels (it is #255600 if you want to try it out.)

Well, mine do not resemble bagels, except for the little shinny crust.  I had a very difficult time shaping them without them crumbling all apart.  So, mine are just big balls of dough.  I was very surprized at how good they taste.  They do have a strong egg flavor and kind of a weird smell (all gluten free bread smells weird).  But, I put butter and some strawberry jam on them and they were good!

I will have to practice on presentation, but if I am just going to eat them myself, I really don't care what they look like.  I will probably make them a bit smaller, because one was way too much.  Plus they are very high in carbs like most bread, but these are made with potato starch and corn starch - so plenty of starch...  But, when you go months without eating bread, these were heavenly!

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  1. My Dr. had a weird smell coming out of his mouth after my colonoscopy...

    I love bread and bagels. The toppings are endless. I have found that the toppings that work for me on top of bread are the same toppings that work for me spread over SB...