Monday, March 8, 2010

My 100th Post!!!

Ok, for a lot of you out there, 100 posts may not be very much.  But, to me it is amazing.  I have always been a poor writer and I struggle with things to say.  So, I cannot believe that I made it to 100. For my 100th post I wanted to have something "special" to write about, but I couldn't come up with one big thing - just a bunch of little things.  I guess pretty much just a regular post...

I do want to thank all of my followers!  I started this blog just as an outlet for Liquidambar and I really didn't think that people would ever read it.  I don't have a massive following like some of my friends (i.e. Blase') but each one is important and it always makes me smile when someone leaves me a comment.  The computer is an amazing thing to be able to bring so many people from around the world together.  Thank you followers!!!!!

We have been very busy in the studio.  John and I have two big shows coming up and since we don't work at the studio full-time, we have been trying to squeeze a lot of work in the short period of time that we do spend there.  John finished about twelve thrown pieces over the weekend.  Here he is trimming the last one.

And I made several coil-built pieces.  I like inscribing different designs into the clay.  I just love how the clay feels at that point. 

This will be finished with the green glaze we use on most things.  

Same with this pot that has a lotus on it.  You can see that it is starting to dry.  I actually made this one on Thursday.

The lotus pot is sitting in front of a piece that I made on Tuesday.  Both pieces are made with the same brown clay, but the one is the back is almost bone-dry (ready to go into the kiln).
I also made two little people pots.  It is amazing how each one can take on its own personality.  They look like they are just waiting to say something. 

While we were at the studio, John and I spotted out the location were we want to build a house.  This won't happen for several years.  My son still needs to finish high school, plus we would need to sell the house we are in to be able to build, but it is fun to dream.  This is the house that we picked out. 
It goes with the existing structure, even though you wouldn't be able to see the two, since the new one would go down deep in the woods.
Instead of the garage underneath, we would put french doors across the bottom and use that area as our game room.  (We have a huge pool table, a ping-pong table and dart board, which we want to keep.)  The only other thing we would change or add to the plan is a fire place.  Both John and I love to keep warm by a fire, plus when you are in the middle of the woods - it just seams logical.  

Well, it is the prettiest day of the year so far, so I better get out and work in the yard!  Happy Monday and thank you all again!!!!!


  1. ok
    1: congrats on the 100 posts!
    2: you know i love the lotus pot
    3: the second people pot is the most adorable one ever
    5: It's gorgeous.
    6: You're gorgeous.
    7: I love you, mom!

  2. Congratulation on reaching the big one-oh-oh. Here's to at least another hundred.

    Keep each other warm ;)

  3. and my room is 'where'? I love it. Last time we were @ the studio, I saw "Jackson" sitting w/his friends, on the side of the road. Really hope u can keep him a long time. I have not had much success with his cousins.......
    oh, and congrats on the big 100! luv u "kid"
    give all hugs