Thursday, August 23, 2012

Special Artist - Janet Searfoss

I have been wanting to write a blog for a long time about a wonderful artist, Janet Searfoss.  Janet and her husband, Harold, have Searfoss Designs.  Janet's roll is the artist and creator behind these incredible pieces of art.  Harold's roll is the matting, framing, bagging and all the behind the scenes work. They make a great team.  

Autumn Sentinels - The original is at Liquidambar Gallery and Gifts for sale.

Janet's artform is Batik.  
"Batik is an art form dating back 2,000 years ago.  Batiks were found in 
the tombs of Pharaohs and are now associated with Indonesian culture.  
The Indonesian word "Batik" means "wax writing".  The wax resist 
process is also referred to as "Rozome" in Japan.  The Japanese 
version of batik consists of direct application of dyes and wax on silk.  
The Indonesian technique usually uses cotton cloth and does 
immersing into dyes and also direct application.  The wax resist process 
consists of applications of hot wax onto fabric using brushes and  
tjanting tools.  Tjanting tools are made of a wooden shaft with a metal 
reservoir with a tiny metal tube that allows wax to flow onto the fabric 
leaving  lines or dots..  The fabric is then immersed into dyes and on
the unwaxed areas accept the dye.  The process is repeated to attain 
each new color working from the lightest color to the darkest.  The 
waxed areas get bent and the cracks or fractures allow the dye to 
penetrate leaving fine lines of color referred to as "crackle" or "ice". 
Janet refers to the crackle as the thumbprint of batik.  The wax is 
removed through ironing the fabric between newsprint which absorbs 
the wax.  The finished batik is drymounted onto foamcore, matted and 
framed." (taken from Janet's website)

Carmel Snowflake - a new piece by Janet

What impresses me more than the beauty of Janet's pieces is the fact that she is so prolific.  Some of these pieces take Jane more than 100 hours of work, yet she produces so many in such a sort period of time.  She must just eat, sleep, and batik.  
Silent Hunter - another new one

Wing Swept - the latest

Janet creates prints from her originals.  She produces 100 of each size.  After they are sold out - that is it.  There are a few of the prints that are no longer available.  Please check out her website for all of the amazing pieces that she has done.

If you purchase from Liquidambar Gallery and Gifts, at 80 Hillsboro, Pittsboro, you will not pay the shipping and handling.  Also, Liquidambar has some of the prints that are no longer available on-line, such as:
Wind Break

Liquid Light

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