Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hand-bound sketch book

My husband asked me if I would make him a hand-bound sketch book.  I was very reluctant at first, because I usually only make smaller books.  But, since he asked....

I first started with an 18" x 24" sketchpad, 50lb paper.  I cut the paper in half, so I ended up with 12" x 18" sheets.  These I then folded in half to make each folio.  Six of the folios made up one signature.

I wanted to add a little more, so I used scrap-booking paper as the outer cover of each signature.  
 Unfortunately, the paper is only 12"x 12", so I glued two pieces together to make the correct size.

Taking a piece of paper, I marked off equal spaces of where I would punch the holes for threading. 

 Then the tedious threading... I only pricked myself one time. 
 This shows the signatures being added one by one.
 Next, I picked a fabric for the spine.  The first one on the left was what my husband had said he liked best when I showed him the new fabrics that I had just bought.

I used the cardboard that was the backing for the sketchpad as my book board. And then glued the fabric to the three pieces of book board using Aleene's Tacky Glue.  Do Not use a store brand of Tacky Glue, they are not the same - trust me.
 This shows the inside of the cover and the three pieces of book board.
 Again, I wanted to use heavy scrap booking paper for the outside of the cover.  They were not big enough, so I used two pieces and put ribbon on the seams to cover the joints.
 A view from the inside...
 Repeat on the backside....
 Having to glue in the bookblock (pages) is the hardest part, particularly with this size of a book.  I was so frustrated by this point, I forgot to put in the headbands (a little piece of cloth that goes at the top and the bottom of the bookblock.) Oh well, I probably shouldn't have said anything.
 The finished book!
This shows the scale of the new sketch book and the size of the books that I usually make.  I honestly probably won't do another large book, unless my husband asks again.

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