Monday, October 31, 2022

A NEW blog - Faceted Journey - Using Tarot as a Guide

A NEW blog - Faceted Journey - Using Tarot as a Guide 

I am trying to get things done, lol.  I have started a new blog that is dedicated to my journey using Tarot.  I know that Tarot is not for everyone, so that is why I am doing that one separately from this one. 

If you are interested, please check it out and FOLLOW the blog.

High Priestess tarot card

I will be updating this blog, too.  But, I want to keep this one for my art and family. If you know of any good blogs that you think I should follow, put them in the comments!

Happy Reading!

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Quilted Prayer Flags

I have been working on a set of prayer flags.  I use this term based on the Buddhist prayer flags.  But, you can also find them among the Catholic religion, Native American rituals, and other spiritual practices.  I consider myself to be a Buddhist (even though I have grown up and studied many different religions). The red, blue, yellow, white and green Buddhist prayer flags represent the elements. White symbolizes air, red is fire. Green is water, yellow is earth, and blue is wind. They also represent directions – North, South, East, West and Center.

I have used scrap upholstery material for the fronts that I sewed together.  I then "crazy" quilted each piece using different hand stitching.  I never repeated the style of stitch.

 Here is the first one stitched!

 A close up

 Preparing binding.  A had some of this fabric from another project, but I did buy the starburst pattern because I didn't have enough to finish.

Front of the binding ready for stitching.

 Binding is stitched on the front, but has to be hand stitched on the backside.

Backside - handstitched

This is the finished project!  They hang up in my "meditation" loft.  It is where I meditate, work with my crystals and tarot readings.  I also just like to read and listen to music up there.  

Here they are hanging above my sacred space. This is on the third floor of the house and overlooks the backyard.  I open the window while I am meditating so I am more connected to the outside.

This is a poor picture, but here you can see the loft better.  On the bottom is a sleeping area. I have curtains over my shelves on top because of the Sun light that comes in.  This is where my books, crystals, religious items (from all religions) are kept.

I know this is not for everyone.  But, I wanted to share what I have been working on.  I don't often work on projects that are just for "me".  It felt good not to be pressured by time or having to be perfect (salable).  If you have any questions, please let me know!

Monday, October 19, 2020

Photo Shoot at the Railroad

One of John's and my great friends, Scott, took us out to the old railroad station so we could shoot some photos.  As you probably know, I love, love, love to take pictures!  We woke up early and it was a fabulous kind of foggy morning, perfect photography weather.

It was a treasure trove of possible images, so many angles, old rust, machines, and things we didn't know what they were used for.  You could shoot thousands of shots!  I ended up taking around 300 pictures.  It will be hard to edit it down and decide what to keep or not.  

 with Canon cropped
 cell phone unedited
I really love how nature takes back over! 

I used two cameras.  One was my cell phone, because it has a wide angle lense and because it does really well in low light situations.  The other camera I used was my Canon PowerShot SX530.  This camera is great for macro photography and the longer lense (without creating a wide angle).  
 with Canon (alt to B&W)
 with cellphone unaltered
 with Canon altered
 cell phone unedited
 cell phone unedited

John took four cameras!  Well, he took his Canon PowerShot SX70 and three traditional handmade  Pinhole cameras.  John typically shoots figures in his images, so he was more focused on pre-shooting locations where he can go back and reshoot with the figure.  However, he did use the Pinhole with the figure, but when you are using a pinhole, you only get one shot!  Plus, you have to go back to the darkroom to develop it!

 John's Canon
I don't have any pinholes to show this time around.  But, John has been working on developing a course (no pun intended) on making and using a Pinhole camera.  So, you will need to stay tuned for that!

We also had some company out at the railroad yard, Curly, Moe, and Larry!  Hope you enjoyed our little outing!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Gram's Featherweight Singer Sewing Machine

 My Gram was my second Mom.  She taught me much of what I know today.  She taught me etiquette, she schooled me, she taught me to sew, she taught me to love art and crafts, she taught me to be a honest person, she taught me to serve others, she taught me to love everyone unconditionally.

I spent a lot of time with my Gram, even though we lived hundreds of miles apart.  I am not sure how old I was, maybe eight or nine, but I was able to spend the entire summer with her.  This was one of the most important times of my life.  

This is a snapshot of me and some of my summer creations.

My Gram set me up with her Featherweight Singer sewing machine and I went to work.  I wanted to create so many things.  She was constantly searching for more material that I could use.  Our energy fed off of each other.  The more I sewed the more she encouraged me and the more ideas she would throw my way.  It was a fabulous summer!  

I now have my Gram's Featherweight and all the memories that go with it.   There is a fabulous wood table with metal legs that the machine sits in.  (shown above under all the stuffed toys).

The Featherweight was purchased by my Grandfather, Fred Bean, for my great grandmother, Edith Dameron (my Gram's Mom).  This machine was made 5/10/1951.  It is the anniversary Gold Seal model 1851-1951.  This is the only machine my Gram ever used (or liked to use).  

What is crazy is that it has so many parts! My Gram bought the zigzag adapter and extra zigzags.  There is also the buttonhole attachment that has a number of different buttonhole sizes. But, what is really crazy is that it still has the original sewing machine oil that is clamped inside the case!!!  My Gram was maticulase about keeping records, so every instruction book is still with each part.  That is a very good thing, because I would have no idea how to use them!

There is also a repair tag from 1967 for $19.98, which in today's standards would be around $136.00!  I am not sure what this was for, but it was actually in with the button holer, so it may have been to purchase that?

There are also a number of attachments that I have no idea what they do! Most look like different kinds of pressure feet, but I still don't know what each is specifically for. 

A funny thing is the cover.  This is the original plastic toaster cover that my Gram used to keep the dust off the machine.  Later, in the 60's cloth was added as an extra measure. 

I am looking forward to learning how to use this machine all over again.  And, now that I have discovered she had all the parts, I need to learn how to use those as well!  

I hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane.  I hope that I can share some new projects with you soon!

Monday, October 5, 2020

A look at Nature - 9 states in 10 days!

 As many of you know, John, Nancy and I took a quick trip through 9 states in 10 days.  All for the sole reason of seeing this cutie (and her parents) before they move to Alaska! 

 Kathrina and Papa

There are some of the art pictures from our trip posted in Kitty's Art Korner on Facebook.  Go take a look if you haven't seen them yet.  It is a private group, but please join!  I didn't want to do a repeat of what has already been shared, so I am going to focus on some of the nature that we saw along the way.  I hope you enjoy!

Glen Allen, Virginia: 

 Either a Honey Mushroom or a Galerina marginata???  The honeies are eatable, but the Galerina are very toxic.  You have to do a spore print to be 100% sure.

Roanoke, Virginia: 
 View from the Star over Roanoke.  It was a beautiful, crisp night in the mountains.  The stars were so bright, even with the city lights.

Blacksburg, Virginia:
 Amaranthus Tricolor.  this was on the campus of Virginia Tech.  John spent nine years working on different degrees there.

Knoxville, Tennessee: 
 Tennessee River, Nancy, John  We were able to eat dinner on the dock down by the river. 

Vicksburg, Mississippi:
 Nancy and the Mississippi River.  It was pouring rain from the storm Beta. (we put our feet in the water together)
 The entire drive through Louisiana, Beta was beating down on us!

Copperas Cove, Texas:
 Sensitive Plant, these blooms are almost neon!

 Moon Flower, these were the largest I have ever seen.

 Kathrina - my little sweet potato!!! I am going to miss her so much.  I guess a trip to Alaska is on the list!

 A couple fossils and a feather I found along the road.  This is an amazing area to find fossils!  It always blows my mind to find oyster shells in the middle of the plains of Texas!

 Texas wildflower - I am not sure what type this is.  They grow along the roadways, but are still beautiful when you look closely. 

 Texas wildflower - another one growing along the roadside.  You can see the rocky soil in which they survive.

 Green Milkweed - I love the pattern of this plant.  It is amazing to see all the geometry.

 Ace, the most loveable dog! I wanted to put him and in my backpack! 

Austin, Texas:
 Cati - growing along the highway.

 Bison Skull - for sale at Nature's Treasures

 Nancy and giant Amethyst! This was at Nature's Treasures.  This place is like Nancy's and my Disney World!  We both could spend hours in there (and a lot of money, too!)  We did bring home a few treasures of our own.  I have a number of items that I will be turning into jewelry.

San Antonio, Texas: All of these flowers were at the San Jose' Mission.
 Peacock Flower




New Orleans, Louisiana:
 Elephant Ears in the French Quarter

 Probably has the lowest A/C bill iin the French Quarter!

 Back to Nature - Lafayette Cemetery No. 2

Pass Christian, Mississippi:
 Jellyfish (there were many washed up on the shore)

 Standing in the Gulf - When Nancy and I travel together, we put our feet in the water together.  

Gaffney, South Carolina:
Okay, so this isn't really nature.  But every time I see the Gaffney Peach (or baby butt), I know that we don't have too much farther (3 hours) till we are home!

I hope that you enjoyed this little nature trip!  Please leave me some feedback and let me know you were here!  Thank you!!!

A NEW blog - Faceted Journey - Using Tarot as a Guide

A NEW blog - Faceted Journey - Using Tarot as a Guide  I am trying to get things done, lol.  I have started a new blog that is dedicated to ...