Monday, October 5, 2020

A look at Nature - 9 states in 10 days!

 As many of you know, John, Nancy and I took a quick trip through 9 states in 10 days.  All for the sole reason of seeing this cutie (and her parents) before they move to Alaska! 

 Kathrina and Papa

There are some of the art pictures from our trip posted in Kitty's Art Korner on Facebook.  Go take a look if you haven't seen them yet.  It is a private group, but please join!  I didn't want to do a repeat of what has already been shared, so I am going to focus on some of the nature that we saw along the way.  I hope you enjoy!

Glen Allen, Virginia: 

 Either a Honey Mushroom or a Galerina marginata???  The honeies are eatable, but the Galerina are very toxic.  You have to do a spore print to be 100% sure.

Roanoke, Virginia: 
 View from the Star over Roanoke.  It was a beautiful, crisp night in the mountains.  The stars were so bright, even with the city lights.

Blacksburg, Virginia:
 Amaranthus Tricolor.  this was on the campus of Virginia Tech.  John spent nine years working on different degrees there.

Knoxville, Tennessee: 
 Tennessee River, Nancy, John  We were able to eat dinner on the dock down by the river. 

Vicksburg, Mississippi:
 Nancy and the Mississippi River.  It was pouring rain from the storm Beta. (we put our feet in the water together)
 The entire drive through Louisiana, Beta was beating down on us!

Copperas Cove, Texas:
 Sensitive Plant, these blooms are almost neon!

 Moon Flower, these were the largest I have ever seen.

 Kathrina - my little sweet potato!!! I am going to miss her so much.  I guess a trip to Alaska is on the list!

 A couple fossils and a feather I found along the road.  This is an amazing area to find fossils!  It always blows my mind to find oyster shells in the middle of the plains of Texas!

 Texas wildflower - I am not sure what type this is.  They grow along the roadways, but are still beautiful when you look closely. 

 Texas wildflower - another one growing along the roadside.  You can see the rocky soil in which they survive.

 Green Milkweed - I love the pattern of this plant.  It is amazing to see all the geometry.

 Ace, the most loveable dog! I wanted to put him and in my backpack! 

Austin, Texas:
 Cati - growing along the highway.

 Bison Skull - for sale at Nature's Treasures

 Nancy and giant Amethyst! This was at Nature's Treasures.  This place is like Nancy's and my Disney World!  We both could spend hours in there (and a lot of money, too!)  We did bring home a few treasures of our own.  I have a number of items that I will be turning into jewelry.

San Antonio, Texas: All of these flowers were at the San Jose' Mission.
 Peacock Flower




New Orleans, Louisiana:
 Elephant Ears in the French Quarter

 Probably has the lowest A/C bill iin the French Quarter!

 Back to Nature - Lafayette Cemetery No. 2

Pass Christian, Mississippi:
 Jellyfish (there were many washed up on the shore)

 Standing in the Gulf - When Nancy and I travel together, we put our feet in the water together.  

Gaffney, South Carolina:
Okay, so this isn't really nature.  But every time I see the Gaffney Peach (or baby butt), I know that we don't have too much farther (3 hours) till we are home!

I hope that you enjoyed this little nature trip!  Please leave me some feedback and let me know you were here!  Thank you!!!


  1. Looks like a fantastic, though whirlwind trip! Looking forward to hearing more about it.

    1. Thanks you! Yes, we need to catch up! I want to hear about your trip, too!!! =)


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