Sunday, July 12, 2009

I can't help it.

I have to share a few more baby pictures with you.

This weekend Momma (who we have named Sunflower - due to the fact she ate all of mine) and her twins came to see us. They have started to act like puppies; if I walk outside and call them the momma will run up to me.

We eat out on our deck for all three meals every day we are at the studio. Sunflower has figured that out. She will stand there and just stare the entire time. Yes, she looks like one of those plastic deer.

In our community of Redbud, some of us are having a sunflower growing contest. Each one of us will bring $5 on August 1st and have the final measurement. We first planted some seeds in a flower bed. The seeds shot right up - just to perfect eating height for the deer. So we decided to plant some more in a big flower pot up on the deck. So far they are doing pretty well. At the same time we also planted a small window box with some miniature sunflowers and marigolds and some other flowers. Well, I wish we were doing the biggest Marigold contest. One is fighting to be taller than the sunflowers.
I did actually work some at the studio clearing out a space for a new ceramic kiln. I am so excited!!! It won't come for a couple of weeks, but I am getting ready for it. I moved my glass kiln to the other side of the studio where the rest of my glass stuff is - should have done that from the beginning. But then of course moving one thing means moving twenty other things. It did feel good to get reorganized again. Some times I get so caught up in my art work that I leave a huge mess and have to take a day putting everything back where it is suppose to go and get a fresh start.


  1. Holy cow! What kind of marigold is that? I've never seen one get THAT tall!

  2. It was in a miniture mix for a flower box. And we don't use any Miracle Grow or anything like that.

  3. you definitely have a green thumb! Nice pics, love that you always have company for dinner ;)!!