Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Visitors to the Studio

Today we had some visitors to the studio. (I shouldn't say "visitors" since they are part of our adopted family - the father, Polycarp is from Kenya.) But while we were having lunch outside on the deck, my son came across a slider. The younger boys were a little afraid at first, but they saw how Clint went right up to it. The snake was very aggressive but it was also very scared. I am guessing it was maybe five feet long. It was so beautiful how the light made it change colors as it moved.

By mid-afternoon it was getting very warm so we all went down to the river to cool off. I stayed back closer to shore, but the boys all wandered far out on the rocks. They must have been out there for a couple of hours.

After getting back to the studio, Clint taught the boys how to shoot a bow and arrow. The bow is a double re-curve bow that came from his grandpa who had it when he was young. It was Clint's first time shooting also. They all did a great job. (I even shot it once - not bad.)

I didn't get any work done today, but it was really nice to visit. Maybe next time they come I can put them to work wedging out the clay for me.


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  2. "put them to work wedging out the clay"...NOW you're Talkin'!

  3. Wow Kitty - what a beautiful setting and the snake has such beautiful colors!