Monday, July 27, 2009

So many reasons to celebrate!

There are so many reasons to celebrate today.

1. My Mom is doing much better (still has a long way to go but at least she is laughing.) Thank you for all the nice thoughts and prayers. On the last day I was there I took a few minutes and wandered around her yard. I took this picture of the mushroom. Nature never stops amazing me.

2. We finally celebrated Father's Day. I know we are a little late (ok a lot late). The kids were waiting until the four of us could be at the river together. They gave John a badminton set. Nancy made a professional court, putting lime down for the lines. But in the end the kids dominated us. John and I are going to practice and get them next time! (Did I mention that we have the best kids in the whole world? And I can truely say that!)

3. My baby sweetpea turns 18 years old tomorrow. Last night the four of us went out to dinner (and yes, the waiters sang to her). It is so hard to believe how fast time goes by and how quickly children turn into adults when we are not watching. I am very proud of her - and she is cute too! (I have to mention that it will also be my birthday tomorrow - she was the hardest present I ever had to work for!)

4. As far as studio news - my Mom let me babysit her kiln! It will be great for bisque pieces. Over the weekend we moved stuff around in the studio to make room for it and for the one that I purchased. Now I need to start working!!!!

5. One other thing. My Artfire guild is still having the Where's Waldo contest. Check it out - Rosetree Creations is sponsoring the prize!!!


  1. OMG! Now I feel old! She looks just like you! Have a Happy Birthday!

  2. best kids inthe world?? funny :)

  3. "Celebrate good times, COME ON!"

  4. W00t!! Happy for ALL of you, and Happy Birthday(s)!! I know how you feel about your "baby"... she is always gonna be your little SweetPea...

    My kids and I love to play badminton... if you're ever in Ny, we want a match!

    I hope they take YOU out for YOUR Bday... ALot of time we spoil the kids, but they wouldn't be here without you!!