Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Commission: Oyster Platters

During the North Carolina Pottery Fair, this past December, John and I were asked to make some oyster platters.  I have to admit that I really did not know what an oyster platter was (ok, I could guess what it was), but wasn't quite sure what one looked like.  This man said that he collects them from all over the world and has a huge collection, but he cannot find them anymore.  Plus, he wanted some more modern pieces of handmade artwork.  John and I decided that we would make a few of them and let him take his pick.  And if he doesn't like any of them, that is alright, too.  But I love the challenge!

Before I started I made a few sketches and went from there.  I didn't want to look at any online because I didn't want them to influence my designs.  The first one I came up with is like a branch and each "leaf" will hold the oyster.

 I am going to glaze that in the green that we often use on our pieces.
The second is a true mix of oriental style combined with a Victorian flair (weird combo, but that is what it looks like to me.) This, piece will be glazed in a creamy white and then I will melt blue green glass in the circle in the middle of the plate.

I am very excited about these two.  I just hope they make it through the firing process!

Here are a few examples of ones that I found on-line.

So mine are very different from the others I have seen.  Plus, the man told me that they usually held 10-12 oysters, where most of these hold 5-6.  John has not started on making any yet (because he has been working on another commission for someone.)  I am not sure what he is going to do, but I am sure that it will also be very different.

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