Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lovlies that I won from City of Dionne!!!!

I seem to be having some luck lately.... I won all of these wonderful gifts from City of Dionne!

The first is the earrings on the right side of the picture.  These are by Tinglow. These are so light and look great on.  I wear a lot of earthy colors, so these will go with many of my outfits!

The second is a little girl's headband by XOXO Cupcake. Well, my "little" girl is now 18 years old, so this will go to one of my great-nieces.

The third is a cute little cardholder also from XOXO Cupcake.  This will be great to carry just my business cards, so I don't get them messed up shoved down in my wallet.

The forth is the delicate cuff on the left side of the picture from Awkward.  I love the Victorian look of this cuff.  Plus, it is so light it can be worn year round.

The fifth item is a pretty blue fused glass heart necklace from Sweet and Sassy Studio.  What a great Valentine's Day gift (to me)!

The sixth is the lovely clutch from Aylla.  This is the perfect size to just grab and go.  (Plus, it matches the earrings and lace cuff - I may get a whole new outfit.)

The seventh is a set of magnets by Zarou.  These are already up on my fridge at my studio! 

The eighth is the petite owl necklace (shown on the left) from Freshy Fig. Wow, it brings back a lot of good memories from the 70's.

The ninth is this original art pendant (shown on the left) from Primoriginals.  I love collecting other peoples art work and this one I can even wear.

The tenth is a wonderful hand-made book (shown on the left of the picture), "Passport to Paris", from Lou Lou Loves Books.  My grandma was named Lou Lou, plus I love the imagination that went into this!


And I won a cute little cupcake necklace, but I do not have a picture.

Please take some time and visit these shops!  They have some amazing things that I know you will love.  Thanks again (I know it was just luck picking my name, but thanks for putting it all together) Dionne!!!!!


  1. Awww... I am so glad you like your stash! Congratulations on winning!

  2. Congratulations! They are alot of gifts you won! lol!


  3. What an amazing lot of wonderful things!

    Happy, lucky, you!


    (thank you for stopping by my blog--and Kitty, you should consider joining up with One World One Heart--it's started today!)