Thursday, January 7, 2010

Reading everyone's resolutions.

I will have to be honest and say that I have really enjoyed reading everyone's blogs about their New Year's resolutions.  I am one of those that always set resolutions every year.  I am not very serious about them.  I never write them down and I never tell anyone what they are.  I guess I am afraid that if I do tell someone then it would be too much pressure trying to keep them and I would really feel like a failure if I didn't keep them.  I look at New Year's resolutions as just a way to re-evaluate myself. A week has past and I probably have made ten resolutions and probably have already broke most of them.  But that is ok, I am aloud to make up my own rules.  Maybe this year February 1st will be the start of my resolutions.

Probably the big one is always to save money.  By the 4th that one was out the window.  My son wanted me to take him to Walmart (which I hate - I hate shopping period!), but we went and I ended up picking up a couple items that I really didn't need.  One was a file box for my studio (that one is a little ok, but a cardboard box could have served the same purpose.  The second was a new Stephen King book, Under the Dome.  And then the next day I had to exchange a couple of Christmas presents at the mall.  I go there about four times a year (did I say I hate shopping?) But, once I was there I thought I should go in a couple of the stores and look around, since everyone was having sales.  I ended up buying a couple new tops and a dress.  Because I work at the studio, I never dress up, but I have a closet full of dresses.  I justified this one, because it was a summer dress and it was only $5.  I couldn't pass that up!

My shopping added a new resolution and that is to read the Stephen King book.  That one shouldn't be too hard, since I love reading.  It is 1074 pages, so it may take a while.

Of course, I always say that I am going to eat better.  I am allergic to a lot of food, so it is hard to make good food choices when I am out.  We stop at fast food restaurants almost every week when we are traveling.  My weakness is a caramel sundae from McDonalds.  You can't beat it for a buck.  I thought that I should try cutting back on those.  But yesterday I had to stop for gas and the McDonalds was right there.  I justified it by getting my husband a hot fudge sundae because he had been home all day working and needed a little reward.  Maybe I will switch gas stations....

My other big resolution is to "just do it!"  I blame my grandparents and my mother for putting off projects.  My desk gets filled up with little things that need to be taken care of.  Then when I want to work on something I have to make my way through the pile.  I also have a habit of setting something down when I should just take care of it right then.  I have been working for the past several days at making my way though the "To Do" pile.

As a artist, I want to save everything because I may need it for a project.  My husband had done some wine tasting and had a couple of plastic cups.  I took them thinking that they must be good for something.  So last night I made some Christmas ornaments out of them. Ok, these aren't designer ornaments, but they are like the ones my Gram made when I was little.  I actually have a snowman one that she made, which I just wrapped up with the Christmas decorations.  It was fun making them and remembering my time with Gram. But, from now on I am going to ask myself is the "thing" really worth keeping or is it just one more thing to take up space.

I just keep telling myself that I am happy with who I am.  I could use a little work, but what fun is that?

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