Sunday, January 24, 2010

Celiac Disease and my bagel guy

I know that so much has been written about Celiac Disease, but some of you may not be familiar with it.  Yes, I have Celiacs and it is a pain to deal with.  Celiacs is not really a disease at all.
"It is an immunological (allergic) reaction within the inner lining of the small intestine to proteins (gluten) that are present in wheat, rye, barley and, to a lesser extent, in oats. The immunological reaction causes inflammation that destroys the lining of the small intestine. This reduces the absorption of dietary nutrients and can lead to symptoms and signs of nutritional, vitamin, and mineral deficiencies."

Most people do not realize what people with Celiacs has to go through just to get a good meal.  I have found so many products that contain wheat and had to take off of my diet.  Ok, we all know that bread, most cereals, cakes, cookies and all of that stuff contains wheat.  But, did you know that most grilled chicken from  restaurants are injected with gluten to plump them up?  And of course, companies love to bulk up any pre-packaged food with wheat because it is a cheap filler. But one item I didn't know about was Twizzlers candy - Yes, candy.  Unfortunately, I found out the hard way.  I had gotten very sick one night and my husband drilled me on all of the things that I had eaten during the day.  Then he saw the bag of Twizzlers and yes, it was listed on the label, but I didn't even think to look at it.

Luckily, people are becoming more aware of it.  A few restaurants are even providing gluten-free menus.  There are also more products in the grocery store that are labeled "gluten free".  I just made a batch of Betty Crocker Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies.  They are not like "real" chocolate chip cookies, but they are very good.

I do think it is funny how some products say, "Now Gluten-Free", but they have been gluten free all along - like plain rice or milk, or plain chocolate.  I know it is all another gimmick, but I am still glad that the companies are realizing there is an actual need for gluten-free products (even if they are trying to make a buck off of it).

Well, my husband found a local baker than makes gluten-free bagels and bread.  I have ordered from him a few times and my husband even likes them better than regular bagels.  But, this week his company made the front page of the local newspaper.  Some people have filed a suit against him saying they found gluten in the products and it made them sick.  Friday there was a ruling to stop his business for 10 days, and then they will decide if they are going to close him down permanently.  It doesn't look good.  I just hope that it was all a mistake - because I love his bagels!  I had even placed a huge order a few days ago - but I guess I won't be getting them.  Now I will have to start working on my own bagel making.  So, if there is anyone out there that has made gluten-free bagels and they are good, please send me a recipe.

There is one cook book that I really like: The Best-Ever Wheat and Gluten-Free Baking Book, written by Mary Ann and Mace Wenniger.  (But, they don't have a bagel recipe.)


  1. So sorry to hear about that, Darlin'

    It's so difficult to find food that is 'problem-free' for many of us.

  2. 看看blog調整心情,又要來繼續工作,大家加油.........................

  3. Hi Kitty, I am so sorry to hear this. Sending prayers to you right now.

    Thank you for posting my giveaway are a dear!

    Blessings, Barb ♥


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