Friday, October 16, 2009

Fortune Cookie Friday #1

Today is Fortune Cookie Friday!!!

I love oriental food and I eat a lot of takeout!! I am allergic to wheat so I cannot eat my fortune cookies, so I have decided that you should have them.

To start with you need a little background...  In our family there is only one way to read a fortune cookie.  After you read your fortune you have to add "IN BED" to the end of the sentence. Ok? 

Here is today's:

"You will be fortunate in the opportunities presented to you" ...

This fortune says, "Daily Numbers - 4, 5, 8" and "Lotto Six #s - 11, 43, 14, 41, 3, 35"  I don't play the lottery (or "pay my taxes" as my husband says), so maybe you will get lucky!

Also: does "Aloha-Friday".  They ask a question and then you answer it.  Then you leave a question on your blog and link it back to theirs.  It is a great way for bloggers to get to know other bloggers out there!

my question:
  The State Fair is here, so I want to know how much money would you plan on spending per child to take them?

leave your answer in my comments, and if you want visit to see more, click on the link:

Have a great Friday!!!!!

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  1. now Kitty, you know it doesn't take much to 'confuse' me??

    anyway, me and SB are hoping to go see Bonnie Raitt sunday night at the Cary Amphitheatre. Go to and get you a ticket, and meet us over there! WHOOooo!