Saturday, October 10, 2009

Maquerade Ball and Birthday

I wanted to invite everyone to the Masquerade Ball that the ClayFire Artists and the Polymer Clay Smooshers are having online.  It is a promotion, sale, and giveaway!  Please visit
All of the artist that are participating are listed on the left hand of the their blog.  So please take some time and visit their shops.  You can also go to and type in MASK to search and you will find many of the shops there also.

Now for the Birthday -   John had his 65th birthday this week!!!  - yes, you heard me 65!  It took the three to light the candles and they did it at the table because I was afraid they would all be melted into the cake if we didn't.  I even opened the door because I thought the smoke alarm would go off.  Nancy decorated the cake and for some reason she wasn't thinking and put 64 on the cake, so that is why there is the plus 1, but that just makes it special.

Now I hope he will think about retiring so we can play in the studio more!


  1. Happy Bday, John!

    Now retire, so you can "play in the studio"..

  2. belated birthday wishes john ,enjoy life

  3. Happy Bday, John...

    "I even opened the door because I thought the smoke alarm would go off" - bad Kitty! lol

    John, you're done working, go play, and show us some magic :)