Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday Show

I wanted to thank everyone that came out to see John and me in Chapel Hill at the Festifall this past Sunday.  It was nice to meet some new folks and it was a great day - the weather couldn't have been better!  But, the best news is that this show was juried and we won 1st Place!!!!  This was our first outdoor show (and only our second show ever) so it was a real honor to be picked.

My friend Mayshanna Pandora was the People's Choice winner!  Please take a look at her site and see some of her new work.

This is a picture of our booth (and yes, I know the banner isn't straight - but I wasn't about to try and fix it with all of those pots there).  We had purchased a new tent which was great.  It made it look more professional and it kept the sun from melting us.

As you can see John got his workout packing and unpacking and packing up again all of these pots.  Yes, we sold a number of them, but we had tons of them!

Now, it is back to the studio to make some more for our show coming up in November!!! (maybe I will take a couple of days off...)


  1. Well just keep on goin' widgyabadself!

    1st Place!!! Cary Representin' !

  2. Your booth looks great! Looks like a great day for it too!