Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Keeping up with the blogs and Today's Wednesday Windows

I was looking at some of the blogs that I follow this evening and realized how seldom several blogs are actually  updated.  I have a huge blog list, some 125 or so, and yes, I read them all.  It really doesn't take that much time since only a quarter or less write new blogs each day. 

I started thinking that maybe I should do a little better with the blog writting myself.  I decided to add a couple items during the week:

Wednesday Windows -  A photograph or series of photographs that one of us has taken on our travels or around the studio.
Fortune Cookie Friday - I love reading what my fortune cookies have to say and want to share them with you.

So, since it is Wednesday, I will leave you with the photo of the day. 

This is from a trip to Rhode Island, 2003. (I love architecture!)


  1. That's right, create your Blog like you do a piece of clay!

    You read 125 Blogs?? You Go Girl!

    I see you have a new Follower...WHOOOoo!

  2. Blase - thanks... I can't compete with your 123 women! Oh, look you have a guy; does that make 3?

  3. What a beautiful house! I want to live there :)

    Blasé has a harem. I wonder how to attract that many men to my blog??? Any suggestions?

  4. Kitty, I love your blog and all the cool things you are so generous to share with us. Although I don't get much time to read others' blogs, when I do, yours is one of two at the top of my list! Your new blog ideas are awesome, as usual! I also love how even though I rarely post lately, I can always count on a comment from you when I start feeling like (tap.. tap.. tap... "Is this thing on?")I'm all alone out here.
    Thanks for being you and being creative, productive, caring and thoughtful in all that you are!

  5. I agree with you!!! I try to update my blog everyday because I know when you really like a blog its something fun to see whats new there. So if its updated everyday its something you look forward too you know?
    Im having a giveaway at my blog if your interested in looking! Check it out at


  6. Thanks for the nice complements! It is nice to know that others are out there.

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