Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pool tables and tattoos

Two separate things - pool tables and tattoos, but wanted to say a couple things about them both.

A couple of years ago my son wanted to get a pool table for Christmas. It is not like something that you can just pack up and hide in the closet so it was a huge decision and investment. But since I love to spoil my kids (and the fact that my husband and I both really wanted one) we ended up getting one.

We ended up moving all of the furniture out of the "dining" room to have a game room. For the past year and a half we have had a great time with it. We don't play every day, but it brings the family together. Even played a few games with my Mom while she was here this past weekend. I think she would beat us all if she could practice a little!

And of course, I have to mention all the great things that you can so with/on a pool table ..... I know what you are thinking (I will let you fill in the blanks). But today I was working on my daughter's quilt and it was a perfect place to lay out the material and measure. (And NO I did not cut any fabric on it.) My kids say I take over everything with my work.

Tattoos -

I have to say that I have always wanted a tattoo. Doesn't every one at some point? Today my 17 yr old (18 in a month) asked if she could get one. Some of her aunts and cousins have them and it is kinda a "family" thing at the beach each year. Now that she is turning 18 and heading off to college she thought this would be a good way to celebrate.

To be honest I don't like the idea. I know, I know, I am an artist and should like that kind of thing. And I do.. on other people. My husband and I are even including a chapter in our book about body adornment (tattoos, piercings, tribal rituals). It wasn't until I was "older" that I realized that I wouldn't want one. It is only because I believe the human body is so beautiful. It doesn't matter the skin color, size, or shape, it is all beautiful. I would just hate to see someone that has such perfect skin to make a mark on it. I also understand it is about making a statement or being an individual and expressing yourself. Again, there are other ways.
I guess I have been thinking more about it lately, because my husband and I taught a class on the "Nude Figure in Nature" and we were both the models for it. More than a thousand pictures were taken by the students and they showed every little blemish, cellulite, and wrinkle that you can imagine! Thank God for Photoshop!!!!!!!

It also made me realize how time moves so quickly. I remember when I was 18 and thought that a tattoo would be cool to get (never got one because the guys I always dated didn't want me to - they had them, but not me). And how I remember thinking about little old ladies with their tattoos all stretched out of shape and dropping and thought that would never be me.
It all seems like just a couple years ago. But, now I have the sun spots (not age spots) and starting to see the lines around my eyes and the dark circles that I can't cover up any more. I never had a tattoo but now I feel it would be one more blemish that I would want fixed by Photoshop!
Just my opinion.

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  1. hahaha well you know that i'll only get one if it's my design and my choice. family are only there for support if i need it. :) i've been thinking about this for months and still haven't made a decision. who know's!? :D great work on the site! keep it up! loves.