Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Table cloth and napkins on bed and my first quilt!

I lot of people do not think that sewing or quilting is an art form - but I do! It is very different than when I am working with glass or clay, but it is all a creative process. There are quilt museums: so it has to be art!
My daughter gave me a table cloth and four napkins for Mother's Day. She knew they didn't match my kitchen, but she just thought that they were so pretty (and so do I)- a black and white design. They sat for several weeks on the kitchen counter. I kept hoping that I would be inspired somehow and make them work in the kitchen. But - nothing.

Then I found out that my Mom was coming for a visit (it has been several years since she has been here). I started thinking about the "guest" room. Which is really just a single bed, computer work area, and work-out room and it has all mismatched furniture. It sounds like a perfect project for one of those home improvement projects.

So, I took the table cloth upstairs and put it on the bed. It fit perfectly!!! Then I took two napkins and sewed white material to the backs and made pillows. The other two I sewed together to make a third pillow. I could have had four, but I ran out of batting, so this was the best solution.

All of this started me on a black and white theme for the room. I ended up buying some pre-cut squares and a "jelly-roll" of material off of Ebay. And I made my very first quilt! It is small - a lap quilt, but still it is a quilt. It only took me a couple of days to finish it.

My daughter will start college in the fall and I finally figured out what to make for her: a new quilt for her dorm! It has been started, but I am having trouble finding material to match what I have started. I was hoping to have it finished by Friday, but I don't think I am going to make the dead line.

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