Friday, June 12, 2009

Time for Graduation

I cannot believe that my daughter is graduating from high school today! Time has a way of passing by too quickly.

For her graduation I am making her a quilt (which still isn't finished, but at least I have the materials together). Her favorite color is orange, so this has orange in it. The picture shows the pieces cut, but I am making a "9-block" quilt. Not that I know anything about quilting (this is only my second one). My Mom told me that is what it is called.

What is so crazy is that it feels like just a months ago I was making her a doll. After she was born I wanted to make something that would be a memento of her birth. At the time I didn't know what color her hair would be (black when she was born), so the color I picked out was the color of my nieces hair - a dark red auburn. The dress she is wearing is the dress that we brought her home from the hospital in. I remember it being so big on such a tiny baby.
I am not so "crafty" after 18 years, settling more into clay and glass work. But, somehow something that is sewn with special fabrics seems to be more personal, traditional, and something that you can cuddle with.

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  1. AWWW!!!! Wow now I feel old! That little red-headed neice has babies of her own now!