Monday, June 22, 2009

Too many fish

Some times I wonder if I have too many fish in the frying pan. I know for many artists we tend to spread ourselves too thin in different areas. But, I get bored if I have to do the same thing over and over again. I am always wanting to try new things, new techniques, new mediums. However, it did feel good to concentrate on one thing this past weekend (ok a few things).

John and I had a working weekend at the studio. He threw about twenty pieces and made a few hand built pieces also (all with a broken hand). And I was able to make two large hand coiled pieces and throw a few as well. I also worked on making some more cast glass pieces (like the one shown in a past blog) while I was waiting for the clay to dry out some. And played around with casting some pieces (thanks to my mom's molds).

But the best thing is that we were able to just work at our own pace, making the pieces that we wanted to work on, taking naps in the middle of the day and eating out on the deck for every meal. We do not have a phone, internet, or a tv at the studio, and we don't miss them at all!

We also, enjoy the wild life that is around the studio, deer, hawks, humming birds, snakes, toads, and beautiful moths.

If you want to visit the studio, we would love to have you!
Liquidambar Studio of Art
116 Hickory Lane
Pittsboro, NC 27312
919-414-4812 (send a text if you can)

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