Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mr. Bones

I just have to introduce everyone to Mr. Bones. He has been part of our family for a number of years.

Being married to a person who is an artist and a scientist, you begin to feel comfortable having things like Mr. Bones hanging around your house.

Mr. Bones is always present in John's Anatomy and Physiology classes at Meredith, but he also goes with us to the ArtCenter in Chapel Hill for our Anatomy and the Arts classes (life drawing classes with anatomy thrown in).

Some times he just hangs out in the garage until he finds out what his next assignment is. This does give us some weird looks from the neighbors. And I love when a delivery man has to put something in the garage. I just tell them Mr. Bones is one of my exes.

John drives the van usually and I drive the Mustang usually, but tomorrow I needed to take the van and a load of stuff to the studio. Mr. Bones is so happy he gets to ride in the Mustang tomorrow!! He can see much better sitting in the passenger seat, rather than laying in the back of the van. Can't you see his big smile?


  1. heyyyyy! i tell people it was fred! XD

  2. I had his cousin standing by me for a year in my Anatomy & Physiology class in '06-07. He was affectionately named "Boner" and had a faulty clavical...LOL! We fed him cookies and always caught him trying to cheat on our tests!