Sunday, August 16, 2009

Today was "nature" day at the river. This morning when I went out, there was this huge garden spider. They are pretty amazing web builders. Then around lunch time five deer showed up (one not in the pic). The one in the front is "Sunflower" and then her yearling is the second one. Not sure how the other two females and the buck that is in the back fit in to the family tree. I am sure that the buck will be kicked out soon as he is starting to get his horns - they are about 6" long now.

Also, a fellow blogger - Blase' came out to the river for a visit. He got a tour of the studio and then we took a hike down to the river. It was really nice except for it being so humid! It is always cool to meet someone in person that you have only known threw the internet. And we always love to have company!

A couple other blogs to mention:

I want to thank Nancy for chosing me as a winner in her latest contest! I won tons of cute notecards and envelopes. Be sure to check out her blog and also her Etsy and Artfire stores (links on her blog). Thanks again, Nancy!!!

Also, one of my guilds is having another contest: Vabeachquilter is the sponsor this month!!! She has some great items, so take a look.

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  1. I wish I'd been there earlier when the Deer were feeding in the yard.

    Thanks for the Tour. Just Beautiful!