Friday, August 14, 2009

Things go in circles

I just finished making my daughter's quilt that she will be taking with her to college on Saturday. As I was finishing it, I started thinking or remembering the first time that I started to sew and also about me moving out for the first time....

I started to sew when I was very young, maybe around six or seven. My grandma came to visit us and we spent a good part of the time sewing pin cushions. They were shaped liked bunnies and chicks (it was around Easter when she visited) and they were made from scraps of material and felt. She had a neat tool that made pom poms and I wrapped them to make the tails for the bunnies. That has been my pin cushion ever since. It still sits beside my sewing machine!

Then maybe two or three years later, I went and stayed with my grandma for the summer. She set me up a place in the living room with a table and her sewing machine. I spent the entire summer making stuffed animals. My favorite was a snake that was about six feet long, that I made out of blocks of material. The mouth even opened and was lined with pink satin.

When I was thirteen I went to a boarding school (at the time we lived in PA and the school was in SC). I remember that I showed up with one dress folded up in my suitcase. I was rushed into the ladies room and was made to put the dress on (I didn't know). I wore that same dress for a week until I could get some more. My Mom bought me a sewing machine and I started to make all of my clothes. I had a couple simple skirt and top patterns and made tons of outfits. I even made a white dress-suit for graduation.

I have also made dresses for my daughter and Halloween costumes for both of the kids over the years.

I have since given the sewing machine to my daughter and she has made some clothes and lots of bags and purses. However, my sewing machine died on me so I used that same sewing machine to make the quilt for my daughter. It still works great after all these years.

It is amazing how things go around in a circle.


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  2. What lovely stories! Your daughter will sleep well knowing that she's sleeping under all your good intentions and happy blessings.

  3. Wow a quilt, and sooo pretty too! Your daughter is a lucky girlie! I didn't have much creative encouragement as a kid, and know how important it is. If you happen to create momentos and traditions in the meantime, it's a big win! Your artistry will please your decendents for decades if not more, I am sure!
    (PS congrats on winning the contest :) )

  4. I know this post is ancient but I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate my quilt!!! :D I use it for everything and EVERYONE compliments it, and I just smile and tell them that the best mommy in the whole world made it for me :) love you!!