Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Sunflower Contest

I mentioned before that some of the residents in Redbud (where the studio is located) were having a sunflower contest. Well, this past weekend was the official sunflower measuring. We had seven sunflowers to visit. As a group we went to each persons house and measured their sunflower.

This was the order in which we measured:

Mary Ellen & Paul: 8' 4.5" - 3rd place
Kitty & John: 7' 10.5" - 4th place
Kira: 7' - 6th place
Cricket and Paul: 21" :-) - and just glad to still have a stalk left after the deer.
Simone & Danny: 7' 4" - 5th place - Simone organized this!
Vicki: 11' 6" - Winner!!!!
Skip & Anne: 10' 2" - 2nd place
The picture is hard to see, but they are measuring John's and my sunflower. Actually, I should just say, "John's", he did all the work and made sure that it stayed watered. It is in a pot on the second floor balcony so the deer won't get to it. We had tried once down in a flower bed and that lasted about two days. (That is why we have a deer named "Sunflower".

Vikki's sunflowers were amazing! We all think that the power lines had something to do with it. The stalks were about 2" in diameter and the heads were a good 14" or so across and they all were over 11'!!!!

The last picture shows us having a good time at Skip and Anne's house. (that is Anne on the left - and John and I are on the right.) Thank you Anne!

I told them that John and I were taking notes and that we would be prepared for next year!

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