Monday, August 31, 2009

Hewitt, Matisse, and others

Saturday, a couple of friends took us to Mark Hewitt's kiln opening. I have been out to see Mark's work on several occasions before, but never for a kiln opening. It is well worth going to see if you are near Pittsboro, NC. He lives on an old farm and has used the old buildings for his clay works. It is such a lovely setting. John and I did buy a couple of Mark's apprentice's work, A. Matisse, the great-great-grand child of Henry Matisse. You can check out Mark's website at

John and I did work in the studio over the weekend. He was able to throw several nice pieces. I, however, was moving a lot slower and was only able to complete one coiled piece - but it was 16" tall. It takes over 150 very thin coils to make a piece that size.

Our shelves are starting to fill up. We are getting ready for our show in Chapel Hill on Oct 4th. Time is passing too quickly, we need to fire, glaze, and fire and we still don't have the new kiln hooked up.

Also, I want you to take a look at this weeks featured artist: Annrose. You can read about her on or you can visit her shop at

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